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St. Petersburg General Election 
November 2, 2021

Voter Registration Deadline: October 4, 2021 

Early Voting: The municipality has chosen not to conduct early voting
for these elections as provided in Florida Statute 101.657(1)(e).

 Ballot Mailing Schedule:  Military and Overseas Voter Mailing Deadline: September 18, 2021
   Domestic Voters Mailing Deadline: September 30, 2021
 Request a mail ballot:  [email protected] / (727) 464-VOTE(8683)
 Deadline to request a ballot to be mailed:   October 23, 2021 (5:00 p.m.)
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 Inspection of Ballot Material Notice of access provided to candidates, political party officials, political committee officials and authorized designees.(F.S. 101.572)

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NOTEAll contests in the City of St. Petersburg are voted At-Large in the General Election.

Please check with your municipality for more candidate information.


St. Petersburg General Election Candidate Contests


Robert G. Blackmon
Ken Welch

Council Member District 1

Copley Gerdes
Bobbie Shay Lee

Council Member District 2

Brandi Gabbard
Kyle Hall*

*Candidate withdrew from this contest but will still appear on the ballot. A vote cast for this candidate will not be counted. 

Council Member District 4

Lisset Hanewicz
Tom Mullins

Council Member District 6

Gina Driscoll
Mhariel A. Summers

Council Member District 8

Jeff Danner
Richie Floyd


St. Petersburg General Election Ballot Questions

City of St. Petersburg
Referendum Question

Providing City Council with the Authority to Grant Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions

Shall the City Council of St. Petersburg be authorized to grant, pursuant to s. 3, Art. VII of the State Constitution, property tax exemptions to new businesses and expansions of existing businesses that are expected to create new, full-time jobs in the City of St. Petersburg?


City of St. Petersburg
1 Charter Amendment

Limiting City Council Elections to Voters in the Applicable Council District and Making Related Changes

Currently, City Council Members are elected through primary elections limited to voters in the Council district and general elections open to all City voters. Shall the Charter be amended to (i) limit primary and general elections for Council Members to voters in the Council district, thereby eliminating City-wide voting for Council Members; (ii) allow a candidate receiving more than 50% of votes in the primary to be elected; and (iii) make other clarifying changes?


City of St. Petersburg
2 Charter Amendment

Establishing New Process for Drawing District Boundaries for Election of City Council Members

Shall the City create a new process for establishing City Council district boundaries that (i) uses comprehensive standards for drawing equitable district boundaries; (ii) has requirements and restrictions for appointment, service, communication, and accepting public comment; and (iii) requires City Council to be bound by commission recommendations unless inconsistent with applicable law? The new process would occur every ten years and maintain the existing nine-member citizens commission appointed by the Mayor and Council Members.


City of St. Petersburg
3 Charter Amendment

Establishing an Equity Framework and Chief Equity Officer for City Government

Analysis of demographic and economic data for Pinellas County indicates that the region’s economy would benefit from eliminating equity gaps based on race, ethnicity, or other immutable characteristics. Shall the City Charter be amended to establish an equity framework intended to address those equity gaps? That framework must include an equity action plan implemented at City-wide and departmental levels, regular assessment and reporting, and the creation of a Chief Equity Officer for the City.


City of St. Petersburg
4 Charter Amendment

Establishing a Requirement for Charter-Protected Equity Funding

Analysis of demographic and economic data for Pinellas County indicates that the region’s economy would benefit from eliminating equity gaps based on race, ethnicity, or other immutable characteristics. Shall the City Charter be amended to require that the City designate “Charter-protected equity funding” to address those equity gaps and prevent that funding from being used for other purposes? This amendment would not prohibit the City from funding equity-related initiatives with other, unrestricted funding.


City of St. Petersburg
5 Charter Amendment

Establishing New Requirements Related to City Administrator, City Clerk, and City Council Administrative Officer

The Charter provides requirements and duties for certain City officials appointed by the Mayor with consent of City Council. Shall the Charter be amended to (i) add a residency requirement for the City Administrator; (ii) clarify that the City Clerk serves both Mayor and Council and may be removed only with consent of both; (iii) provide the City Council Administrative Officer with duties and protections similar to the City Clerk; and (iv) make related changes?


City of St. Petersburg
6 Charter Amendment 

Every ten years, the City conducts a Charter-review process to consider the operation of City government and propose amendments to the Charter. Issues occur when the Charter-review process changes the process for redrawing City Council districts because the two processes are scheduled to occur almost simultaneously. Shall the Charter be amended to resolve that scheduling conflict and to make other changes to improve the administration and integrity of the City’s Charter-review process?


City of St. Petersburg
7 Charter Amendment

Adding a Preamble to Describe the Spirit of the Charter and the City’s Governing Philosophy

Shall the Charter be amended to add a preamble containing a concise statement to describe the spirit of the Charter and the City’s governing philosophy? That aspirational statement will describe the City’s vision, goals, values, and priorities while acknowledging past shortcomings and promising a renewed and continuing commitment to improving the quality of life for all citizens.


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